3Sixty Fleet to launch ‘Stop the Risk’ at the CV Show 2016

‘Stop the Risk’ is the complete fleet risk management solution for all commercial fleet operators providing 24/7 assistance for a fixed annual fee. It is the new innovative product by 3Sixty Fleet which will be launched at the CV Show 2016.

Andrew Drewray CMILT, Consultant Collision Analyst for 3Sixty Fleet says: “We have conducted in-depth investigations into over 35,000 collisions and incidents and our extensive first-hand knowledge has led to the development of ‘Stop the Risk’. There are four fleet risk management solutions to choose from which can be used individually or as a complete package. However, the difference is that all the packages have an annual fee per vehicle per fleet, so the customer knows exactly how much the cost will be when they sign up”.

‘Stop the Risk’ brings together a range of services from 3Sixty Fleet in four very straightforward costing models removing the need to pay for individual services which can soon mount up. The four solutions are:

‘Stop the Risk’ 1 – 13p per vehicle per day
Initial collision, incident and near miss investigation and analysis

‘Stop the Risk’ 2 – 17p per vehicle per day
Pro-active video review from forward facing dash camera following each collision, incident and near miss

‘Stop the Risk’ 3 – 99p per vehicle per day (inc ‘Stop the Risk’ 1 & 2)
Supply of forward facing dash camera

‘Stop the Risk’ 4 – £1.18 per vehicle per day (inc ‘Stop the Risk’ 1 & 2)
Supply of integrated forward facing dash camera and telematics

To get the best results from all of the ‘Stop the Risk’ solutions, 3Sixty Fleet will investigate and analyse every COLLISION, INCIDENT and NEAR MISS involving a fleet vehicle regardless of: how serious or minor, fault or non-fault, injury or no injury, claim or no claim.

Andrew Drewary CMILT says: “Fleet risk management is not just about being reactive to collisions which is what happens if left to insurers. It is about having robust pro-active processes in place that deal with all incidents and near misses as well. Our ‘Stop the Risk’ solutions do this by identifying trends and future risk exposure enabling our customers and the industry to act pro-actively and stay in control of costs”.

Being a FORS Associate, 3Sixty have ensured their solutions meet the FORS and CLOCS standards. It is vitally important for all fleet operators to manage work related road risk and the four ‘Stop the Risk’ solutions will assist customers meet the required standards for collision investigation and analysis.

3Sixty Fleet have a proven record of saving £100,000s thereby making their solutions cost neutral.

You have many risks but ‘Stop the Risk’ from 3Sixty Fleet is the only ‘complete’ risk management solution you need.

Come and see us at stand 4J88

Contact: Andrew Drewary CMILT – 07817 043821

e: andy@3-sixtysolutions.co.uk